RYI Unity: Building a Sustainable Crypto DeFi Ecosystem with Advanced Automated Features


Section 1: Introduction to RYI Unity

  • 1.1: RYI Unity’s Mission and Principles

  • 1.2: Unityventures and Automated Burning of Token Supply

  • 1.3: Automated Burn Mechanisms and Frictionless Yield

Section 2: Automated Features of RYI Unity

  • 2.1: Scalability and Development Focus

  • 2.2: User-Centric Approach

Section 3: RYI UNITY DApps

  • 3.1: M-DASSS; RYI UNITY Automated Staking Protocol

  • 3.2: DEFIDASH; RYI UNITY Decentralized Digital Asset Manager and Scanner

  • 3.3: Unityconnect

  • 3.4: RYIPAY Wallet

  • 3.5: NFT Creator Protocol

Section 1: Introduction to RYI Unity

Ryi Unity is a leading decentralized applications builder focused on providing innovative solutions for the decentralized world. We specialize in building robust and secure platforms that allow users to interact with various blockchain networks seamlessly. With a dedicated set of contributors with a strong track record, Ryi Unity has become a trusted name in the industry.

Transparency is the currency of trust in the digital age. With RYI Unity’s DEFI solutions, we are paving the way for a future where systems are built on trust, security, and decentralization. Embrace the revolution and join us on this exciting journey towards a transparent and inclusive ecosystem.

RYI Unity’s Mission and Principles

Revolutionary Platform: RYI Unity is dedicated to creating a sustainable crypto DeFi ecosystem, focusing on token scarcity, utility, liquidity, and user/token holder rewards. The platform’s mission is to refine its builds (dapps) to support these principles, making it a revolutionary force in crypto space.

Talented Development Team: RYI Unity utilizes a talented development team to focus on “automated” features that increase efficiency of execution to meet desired outcomes, ensuring that the platform is at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain decentralized world.

Innovative Solutions: RYI Unity is committed to providing innovative solutions for the decentralized world, with a strong emphasis on progress, innovation, and adaptability.

Unityventures (UV) and Automated Burning of Token Supply

Automated Burning: Unityventures, our primary DEX, emphasizes and executes automated burning of token supply. This is achieved through small fees associated with each chain added, which are then used for buy backs and development funding, ensuring that the token supply remains scarce and increases in value and utility.

M-DASSS and DEFIDASH: Our other primary dapps, M-DASSS and DEFIDASH, also contribute to the automated burning of token supply, further solidifying RYI Unity’s commitment to token scarcity and value appreciation.

Subscription-Based Model: DEFIDASH has transitioned to a subscription-based model, where any subscription purchased with UV or RYIU tokens is automatically burned upon purchase, demonstrating RYI Unity’s innovative approach to token scarcity.

Automated Burn Mechanisms and Frictionless Yield

Smart Contract Mechanisms: RYIU and UV tokens have automated burn mechanisms built into their smart contracts, ensuring that a certain percentage of tokens are automatically burned with each transaction. This reduces the total supply and increases the value of the remaining tokens, maintaining token scarcity and increasing token holder rewards.

Frictionless Yield Mechanism: We have also implemented an automated “frictionless yield mechanism” for RYIU token holders, where a percentage of the transaction tax is designated for frictionless yield, distributing RYIU tokens to all holders’ wallets automatically. This mechanism serves as “DeFi dividends,” providing additional tokens as rewards for holding RYIU tokens.

Scalability and Development Focus

Scalability: The amount % of tokens burned is dictated by volume, emphasizing the need for scalability and a growing user base to achieve success. RYI Unity’s development team is focused on scaling applications appropriately to ensure the platform’s sustainability and efficiency.

Continuous Refinement: The development team has taken a unique approach to build applications and smart contracts that are highly adaptable and easily upgradable, allowing for continuous refinement and improvement of the platform’s features, ensuring that RYI Unity remains at the forefront of innovation in the crypto DeFi ecosystem.

Efficient and Seamless Processes: Our talented development team is dedicated to creating efficient and seamless automated processes, ensuring that the platform meets its desired outcomes and delivers exceptional value to its users and token holders.

User-Centric Approach

User/Token Holder Rewards: Our automated features are designed to prioritize user/token holder rewards, ensuring that the platform provides tangible benefits to its community. This audience-centric approach is a key factor in RYI Unity’s success and sustainability in the crypto DeFi ecosystem.


Blockchain, as revolutionary as it is, needs various protocols to effectively fulfil its invention. These protocols highlight the numerous opportunities that make blockchain interaction seamless and productive. As a blockchain solutions company, our goal is to bridge the gap by developing creative and innovative products for every blockchain user.

M-DASSS; RYI UNITY Automated Staking Protocol

M-DASSS is our innovative multi-chain automated Staking protocol that revolutionizes staking in the blockchain world. M-DASSS eliminates the need for manual staking by enabling automatic staking of digital assets. Experience hassle-free passive yield generation and seamless participation on multiple blockchain networks with DASSS.

DEFIDASH; RYI UNITY Decentralized Digital Asset Manager and Scanner

DEFIDASH, our cutting-edge platform is a premiere digital asset manager and scanner which helps you keep track of your crypto tokens across multiple blockchains simultaneously. With DEFIDASH, you can gain real-time insights into your holdings, monitor transactions, and effortlessly manage your assets portfolio. Simplify your multi-chain asset tracking and stay ahead in the dynamic world of decentralized finance.


Unityconnect is designed to streamline the integration process between Unityventures and EVM chains, offering an efficient and user-friendly approach. By leveraging Unityconnect, users can expect a seamless connection to EVM chains, enabling them to access a wide range of digital assets, staking opportunities, liquidity mining, and information.


RYIPAY, our mobile wallet is a secure decentralized web3 wallet where users can store, manage, and transact with various cryptocurrencies while maintaining complete control over their tokens and also experience unparalleled security and convenience in the decentralized landscape.

NFT Creator Protocol (Transitioning To RWA)

NFT lovers can dive into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with our comprehensive NFT creator tool. Individuals without creative knowledge can unlock their creativity and transform digital art, music, and collectibles into unique blockchain-based assets. You can join the NFT revolution and showcase your creations to a global audience.

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