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1st Ever Multi-Chain Self-Service Staking Solutions
Introducing DASSS, our innovative protocol that revolutionizes staking in the blockchain world. DASSS eliminates the need for manual staking by enabling automatic staking of tokens. Experience hassle-free passive income generation and seamless participation in blockchain networks with DASSS.
*Disclaimer: M-DASSS does not support the staking of tokens classified as securities*
A game-changing platform is making waves in the DeFi landscape: M-DASSS (Multi-Chain Decentralized Auto Self-Service Staking).
No Dev, No Cost: One of the most groundbreaking aspects of M-DASSS is its “no dev, no cost” approach. Traditionally, creating and managing staking pools required technical expertise and financial resources. M-DASSS breaks down these barriers by providing a user-friendly, self-service platform that is completely free after a small deposit which you receive back. This means that anyone, regardless of their technical background, can participate in staking without incurring development costs.
Own Your Pool: Perhaps one of the most empowering aspects of M-DASSS is that it grants full ownership and control to users over their staking pools. This level of autonomy allows individuals to define their staking strategies, set parameters, and tailor the pool to their specific yield generation goals.
Time and Cost Savings: M-DASSS not only simplifies the staking process but also significantly reduces the time and cost associated with creating staking pools. In just a matter of minutes, users can set up their pools, bypassing the complexities and expenses of traditional development.
Token Yield Generation: Beyond simplifying staking, M-DASSS transforms it into a potential source of yield generation. Users can create staking pools that generate rewards, offering a path to passive yield generation. This innovative model aligns incentives and benefits users, whether they are staking cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or participating in liquidity pools.
Diverse Staking Options: M-DASSS embraces the diversity of the blockchain world by supporting various types of staking pools. Whether users seek to stake cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or join liquidity pools, the platform accommodates a wide range of assets and strategies.
Empowerment and Autonomy: M-DASSS empowers individuals to take control of their token yield strategies. By offering an accessible, cost-effective, and yield-generating staking platform, it encourages users to explore the world of staking and DeFi on their terms, fostering yield generation independence.
Multi-Chain Support: M-DASSS has taken a significant step by being live on various blockchain networks. It is currently live on Phoenix Chain, Pulse Chain, BNB Chain, Bitgert Chain, and Base Chain, allowing users to create staking pools for a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and tokens. This multi-chain compatibility enhances the versatility and accessibility of M-DASSS.
How To Guide:
M-DASSS is an innovative protocol with an unlimited capability to increase earnings for individuals and maintain project growth. However, it is important to understand one of its most important features: the simplicity of setting up or creating a staking pool, with different staking features for crypto and NFTs in minutes without being a tech expert and from anywhere and almost any chain.
Below are steps to take in setting up a staking pool using the protocol.
To use M-DASSS (RYI Unity's Self Auto Staking Protocol), follow these steps:
1. Visit the UNITYDEFI website and connect your wallet. Supported wallets include MetaMask and all other EVM wallets.
2. Once your wallet is connected, you can navigate to the M-DASSS link for staking pools creation.
3. Decide which token you would like to stake. Currently, tokens such as UV, RYIU and TLK, among others are supported on the M-DASSS protocol.
4. Click on the "Max" button to enter the maximum amount of tokens you would like to stake. Alternatively, you can enter a specific amount manually.
5. Click on the "Approve" button to allow the M-DASSS contract to interact with your tokens. .
6. Click on the "Stake" button to initiate the staking process. The M-DASSS protocol will automatically stake your tokens and begin earning rewards.
7. The rewards earned from staking will be automatically added to your staked token balance. These rewards will increase over time, increasing your total token balance at the end of the staking period.
8. To withdraw your staked tokens, simply click on the "Withdraw" button and the M-DASSS protocol will automatically unstake your tokens and return them to your wallet.
NOTE: It is important to note that there are fees associated with using the DASSS protocol and the fees are very minimal. These fees are charged in RYIU and are used to fund the development and maintenance of the UNITYDEFI platform.
That's it! By using the M-DASSS protocol, you can easily stake your tokens as an individual or set up staking for your tokens as a project and start earning rewards without the need for complicated processes or constant monitoring.