UnityDAO is our community working together to build better solutions, driving development, management and resources. With principles grounded in the premises of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, our power comes from the ability to pull from and embrace multiple ideas and communities. The opposite of a winner-take-all mentality, UnityDAO is focused instead on platform growth and driving the global adoption of blockchain technology.

RYI Unity is embracing the fundamentals of blockchain and building for a decentralized economy with UnityDAO. We will together build a global Unity Community.

UnityDAO is powered by XDAO in order to provide a sustainable and modern-day platform executing community governance on chain.

Unityventures token $UV serves as our governance token and will be the "key" to voting for important proposals which manage the RYI Unity ecosystem. You will need UV token within your Web3 wallet in order to execute votes on important proposals.

Once the voting period has concluded the team is then directed to take action and begin implementing new changes as per directed by the community DAO Token ($UV) holders.

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